About Us

RoyalAccess Placements

RoyalAccess Placements is a one of its own kind in placement services in manpower, internships, scholarships and visa services. We identify needs wherever they be and place the right candidates for the them

In all our services, we have the same selection procedure of searching and finding the right candidates for each specific category. The following is a sketch of the selection process:-

Receiving Application



Cross Checking



From skilled to unskilled manpower, we provide potential manpower to corresponding employers through strategic selection of candidates to meet the needs of our clients. Through our selection we interview our prospective candidates as per the need of the employers to make sure that we select nothing but the best candidature for the specified job opportunities. Our manpower expertise include;

Office Support
Procurement, Store keeping and Supplies
Sales and Marketing
Private Teaching


The job market currently prefers candidates who are already experienced in their profession. This becomes unfair to fresh graduates who need to have an equal opportunity to employment, even with a lower salary as they expertise in their fields of specialization. We provide these fresh graduates who are willing to gain experience in readiness to competing in the job market. Kindly choose your internship package 3 months paid, unpaid 6 months paid, unpaid 1 year paid, unpaid.


Our partnership with government parastatals enables us to provide visa services to the Middle East countries, and working towards expanding our boarders to the rest of the world.. We offer the following visa services:-

Student Visa

Work Visa

Visit Visa

Tourist Visa

In case of medical screening, we correspond with our clients and sponsors to know what and how the tests will be done, from qualified medical practitioners and facilities.